Breaking ice with beanbags

The Old Goat was one of my favorite leisure spots when I lived back in Maine. The Richmond pub became an even bigger fav when I learned about its regular games of cornhole.

chhFor the uninitiated, cornhole is a game of tossing bean bags onto an angled platform which has a hole in it. Points are awarded for getting beanbags in the hole or on the platform. It’s fun (but as with any game, folks can get a tad competitive).

I thought the Goat was special and that only my friends and I had discovered the humble virtues of this simple game.

Not so!

Americans visiting the British Embassy in Somalia have taught the Brits to play.

U.S. soldiers in Kyrgyzstan have taught the Kyrgyz Republic soldiers to play, too.

And at the 21st Birthday celebration for the Uinta Brewing Company…you guessed it, cornhole!

I’m coming to understand why cornhole can be such a fun and popular game:

  • Unlike pool, darts, or croquet (other games often played with drink in hand) no one is likely to get hurt if tempers flare.
  • Unlike poker or softball, the difference between good players and crummy players is not insurmountable.

“We love cornhole,” said Uinta’s Will Hamill. “It is a great team game and brings camaraderie to the brewery. And you can have a beer while playing.“

Yes, research of aforementioned international reports shows that beer is often part of the equation. And, as with all things dug by UtahOutsider, you can play it outside!


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