Cowboying as the Antithesis of Yellowstone

Editor’s Note: An edited version of this essay appeared in the Washington Post. Read below for an alternate and expanded piece. By Maddy Butcher Yellowstone’s fourth season opens with livestock agent Kayce Dutton in a shootout. This is silly, of course. But as it happens, […]

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  • Climbers Need Hokas

    Editor’s Note: Dillon Robertson is an avid climber, runner, and outdoorsman. He’s former Peace Corps volunteer who spent years in a remote village in Panama with his wife, Kelley. They live in Grand Junction, Colorado. Dillon reviewed the Hoka Torrent 2 Trail Racer. Dillon writes: […]

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  • Wolves and Coexistence

    A note from Maddy: It’s always interesting to work with editors and for a platform which are well outside my usual quiet vacuum of independent travails. I submitted this piece to the Washington Post and, because of my editor’s interests as well as the Endangered […]

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