Embracing Winter with Good Gear

I reached a turning point about 10 years ago. After the good times of fort building and snowball fights and then introducing my sons to fort building and snowball fights, I’d come to disdain the coldest season. I’d complain through most of it and spend […]

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  • Wolves in Colorado?

    Editor’s Note: We welcome guest columnist Matt Barnes from Dolores, Colorado. Barnes works with landowners and managers to improve rangeland stewardship, and to coexist with large carnivores such as grizzly bears and wolves. He is the owner of Shining Horizons Land Management. Matt ran a […]

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  • Come Mayhem, How Will We Fare?

    I’m a reasonable person. Like a lot of people, I’m politically centric and middle class. I have no outstanding warrants and next to no savings. I roll through stop signs and I volunteer. I’m imperfect and reasonably happy. Like lots of folks, too, I get […]

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