Lockdown Elsewhere

A note from the Editor: Here at Cayuse Communications, we’ve been thinking about our community. How best to come together and share during this time? We’ve reached out to friends to see how they are making lemonade from lemons and coping with the strains of […]

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  • Absurdities Make Us Human

    Katrin Silva writes eloquently about quarantine fatigue here. For me, though, it’s all about quarantine absurdities, like this ridiculous meme a friend sent me. Sometimes I feel punch drunk from the pandemic. It beats mild panic, which hits me, too. I think about death and […]

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  • Western Snap: Pretty and Versatile

    Through their form, fashion, and function, clothes define us. They can explain to others what we do and what we value. More importantly, here at Cayuse Communications, we believe clothes should serve us well and make us feel good. It’s a simple idea that can […]

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  • Pandemic Progress?

    Editor's Note: This short report is part of the Cayuse Corona Community, a series of posts to share and communicate our challenges and successes during...

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  • High on Hokas

    Editor's Note: Aside from her impressive accomplishments as a horsewoman, Katrin Silva is also a top ultra runner. She has competed in nineteen 100-mile races,...

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  • Dirty Work

    While not typical HighCountryOutsider fare, this post is something I worked on for the Raven Narratives Story Slam of “Dirty Work.” I’m a big fan...

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