Riders: how long will we be relevant?

Like any other niche community, us horse owners and riders know what we like. We gravitate to anyone or anything that speaks our language. We can spot each other a mile away. In my neck of the woods, the ‘I get horseback’ uniform is: Long, […]

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  • To Drift, Not To Push

    Recently, I traveled to California for a Rancher-to-Rancher (R2R) field day, an event to address drought resilience. R2R team member, Kent Reeves, a horseman and friend, cajoled me into attending. Thanks, Kent! R2R is a network funded by the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation through the Soil […]

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  • Embracing Winter with Good Gear

    I reached a turning point about 10 years ago. After the good times of fort building and snowball fights and then introducing my sons to fort building and snowball fights, I’d come to disdain the coldest season. I’d complain through most of it and spend […]

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  • Wolves in Colorado?

    Editor’s Note: We welcome guest columnist Matt Barnes from Dolores, Colorado. Barnes works with landowners and managers to improve rangeland stewardship, and to coexist with...

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  • Ode to Mancos

    Old stomping grounds. Harpswell, Maine I was born and raised in Harpswell, Maine. If you swapped out fishermen and lobstermen for farmers...

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  • OR Highlights

    The big blue bear outside the Colorado Convention Center Recently, we traveled to Denver to visit with folks at the Outdoor...

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