Ode to Mancos

I was born and raised in Harpswell, Maine. If you swapped out fishermen and lobstermen for farmers and ranchers, you’d have Mancos, Colorado. Like this tiny town, Harpswell has an interesting, sometimes tense, dynamic between natives and transplants. And, if you elevated the water table by, say, five […]

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  • OR Highlights

    Recently, we traveled to Denver to visit with folks at the Outdoor Retailer. Held at the Colorado Convention Center, the event attracts some 6,000 vendors and over 30,000 attendees. Yikes! Think Mall-on-Christmas-Eve frenzy. The OR, as it is widely known, gives us a chance to […]

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  • A Baby Bird, A Rancher, and Me

    Are you a birder? Then you probably know that many flycatchers belong to the confusing group of birds in the Empidonax Complex. These birds are all small, muted in color, and quiet. The many species look alike and are distinguished only by subtle differences in […]

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