2021 Outdoor Retailer

Historically, the Outdoor Retailer has been this ginormous gathering of outdoor recreationalists, store owners, marketing reps, buyers, sellers, promoters, and media folks like me who cover the “stuff” associated with getting outside. Think thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of visitors to the Colorado […]

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  • Getting Out is Not Enough

    Editor’s Note: An abridged version of this opinion piece was published in the Colorado Sun. Two dogs, now gone, showed me how to consider the outdoors. Belle appreciated the landscape as a whole. She stopped, not just at the summit, but to tend to sounds […]

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  • Pandemic Storm

    Someone sent me a playlist of dance songs this morning. By eight o’clock, with two cups of tea in me, I was dancing around the kitchen and living room, feeling relaxed and free of cares. The dogs watched. “Who is this woman?” It was different […]

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