Species Parade, Week Three



At night, outside my window, there’s an intermittent beepy-buzzing. It’s not one of the familiar goatsuckers (nighthawk or poor will). It’ll keep me guessing, I’m guessing.

That’s the fun of getting out and seeing (or not seeing) animals. They keep you guessing. They’re like the weather, with rhythms of predictability and unpredictablity.

Mr. Hare (black tailed jackrabbit) never showed at the water tub until this week. Now, he’s a regular.

The coyotes practically hiked with us months ago. That’s how often we encountered them. Now, we only hear them at night.

One day, you’ll see adult animals with young. The next day, there are no young. Did they take off? Did they die?

Thirty eight species this week. We could have topped forty, if we were better listeners and ID-ers.

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Black Tailed Jackrabbit

Cottontail Rabbit

Mule Deer


Rock Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Uinta Chipmunk


House finch

Tufted Titmouse

Black Capped Chickadee



Red-Tailed Hawk

Common Raven

Scrub Jay



Dark-Eyed Junco

IMG_1002Ringed Turtle Dove

Mountain Bluebird


Rufous-sided Towhee

Broad Tailed Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Chipping sparrow

California Quail

Black headed grosbeak

House wren

IMG_8365American Kestrel

Turkey Vulture

Common Poor Will

Common Nighthawk

Great Horned Owl

Small Eared Owl


Steller’s Jay


American Robin


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