Mountain conversation oddly civil

While my Maine friends lobby to have Governor LePage impeached and the Pine Tree State stays mired in a certain degree of discontent, discord, and intransigence, folks in Utah seems downright ducky and team-spirited.

snowIt might have something to do with the pro-business environment and one of the strongest Republican majorities in the country. (Utah’s House and Senate are about 80 percent GOP. Governor Gary Herbert is Republican.)

Over the past year or more, the ski resort, Snowbird, has wanted to swap several hundred acres with the national forest land in order to expand its resort. I started to shake my head, imagining all the glad-handing and winks as the deal moved through the process. And, it’s true. By Maine standards, the process has been incredibly smooth and speedy.

Alas, it’s being challenged by concerned residents in Utah county and beyond! Hooray.

Here are some links to the situation as it stands currently:

Mountain Accord is a consortium dedicated to “ensuring the long term vitality” of the Wasatch Mountains.

Fox News covers the process.m

Herald newspaper reports on what’s at stake.

Thanks to my friend, Dave Jarvis, for reminding me of the topic and the current public discussion.


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