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klymitEver have one of those random public transit encounters in which everything turns out friendly and even fortuitous?

I had such an encounter, taking the train home from the Outdoor Retailer this summer. In my fog, I’d forgotten to take off my OR badge. An older gentleman noticed it and mentioned his son was staffing a booth there.

The Klymit booth was off the radar until that chance meeting. But I was quickly impressed by their offerings: ultralight sleeping pads, packs, and other gear. Since I have a bone to pick with most sleeping pad makers, I gravitated to the Static V Luxe pad.

It weighs just a pound and a half (26 ounces, actually) and the Klymit folks told me it’d feel like my mattress at home.

  • How could it be?
  • How could it even be better than my Therm-a-rest Luxury pad, which is more than twice as heavy and bulky?

I tried out the Static V Luxe for several nights with nothing but the bottom of a tent separating me from rocks, dirt and twigs.

It took about five minutes to inflate the Klymit pad, using one of two nifty push/pull valves located at the top corners. Theoretically, there are two valves IMG_2941for two sleepers, but in my mind this is a one-person deal. It would be tough to share and perhaps tough to have two of these 30-inch wide pads in my two-person tent. (But the dogs would sure appreciate it!)

I’m a tosser and turner; the width and design meant I could get restless and get settled without scuttling myself off the pad. The contoured sides act a bit like bumper rails without giving the sleeper a penned-in feeling. I sleep equally on my stomach, sides, and back. The Static V Luxe was excellent for any position and surprisingly kind to my chronically-pained back. It particularly topped other pads with side-sleeping. With any other pad, my bottom hip would dig into the tent floor. This Klymit pad supported it.

Best of all, when it came to pack up, there was no need to tie the pad onto the outside of the backpack. Without air, it’s smaller than a loaf of bread. Yay! The dogs can have my old pad.


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  1. Thanks for turning me on to Klymit..Great Gear! I camp every chance I get but do often feel a bit stiff as I get older. Just what the Doctor ordered! How could I not have known of them before. Thanks!

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