Eco Lips trailblazes again

It was something nagging at Eco Lips president Steve Shriver for years as he traveled the world for the purest ingredients and climbed to the pinnacle of quality, fair trade, and sustainable production:

0000141_300All those excellent ingredients were still going into a plastic tube.

So Eco Lips invested $150,000 in research, development, and production efforts to introduce the first lip balm in a compostable, biodegradable tube.


Drop it while riding or hiking?

Too bad for you, but not too bad for the environment.

It’s an impressive development for the Iowa company that’s been growing 20 percent annually for years.

Another development comes from some serious brainstorming between Shriver and his friend, Ryan Sundermann. The pair has spent lots of time adventuring together and with their families. Working together on a product came naturally (no pun intended).

Sundermann, an emergency department physician, saw the need for a natural bug repellant that actually worked. He was tired of seeing only offerings falling into two categories:

— full of harmful chemicals

— full of empty promises

Many natural and organic products fell into the latter group. As a doctor trained in the scientific method, he began to scour available research on natural repellants.

“I knew we could do better,” said Sundermann, who was unimpressed by ineffective natural products and wary of chemicals like DEET (diethyl methylbenzamide).

Menthol, castor oil, lemongrass, vanilla, citronella. All effective ingredients, he found. All in the newly released Dr. Sundermann’s Bug Balm.

We’ll send you both!

Become a paid subscriber and you’ll receive complimentary tubes of both Dr. Sundermann’s Bug Balm and one of the following Eco Lips flavors – Cocoa Vanilla Nut, Mango Ginger, Herbal Mint. $10 value!

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