Western Snap: Pretty and Versatile

Traversing tropical forest in the Western Snap shirt. Photo, Beau Gaughran

Through their form, fashion, and function, clothes define us. They can explain to others what we do and what we value. More importantly, here at Cayuse Communications, we believe clothes should serve us well and make us feel good. It’s a simple idea that can be surprisingly challenging to satisfy.

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During hard times especially, clothes are part of the fabric of indelible experiences, woven into our recollections like the tastes of certain foods, the sounds of memorable songs, and the smells of poignant aromas.

We’ve been big fans of Patagonia WorkWear since the hemp-strong line was founded a few years ago. Since then, it’s continued to impress; our favorites are the women’s Barn Coat, the men’s All Season Vest and now the Western Snap Shirt. All are made with a hemp blend which makes them more durable than cotton- or polyester-based clothing.  They don’t shrink. And here’s the most surprising quality: they are delightfully soft and require no break-in period. Tough ‘n’ soft is terrific.

Taking a break

The Western Snap is so versatile and pretty that I chose it as my only long-sleeved shirt on a recent trip to Panama, where I visited my son before Covid19 effectively sealed off the country borders between us.

The hike and weather were wildly different from my usual digs in southwestern Colorado and unlike any I’ve experienced; lush, humid, dense with flora and fauna. We hiked the Guayabos Station trail, near El Valle De Anton. El Valle is not simply a valley but a huge crater from an extinct volcano and home to some of the greatest avian diversity in the world with about 500 species.

Single file, we hiked through the jungle as birds whistled and chortled around us. We scrambled up 20-foot rock faces, holding onto vines and feeling for footholds. The wind, which we heard but didn’t feel, swayed the trees and brush.

After a few miles along twisty, dark trails, we reached an overlook, held tight to our hats, and emerged from the dense flora. The view, clear of whipped mist and clear to the floor of the valley, was stunning. We continued up a razor-thin ridge as the wind buffeted us. In Colorado, I’d have turned back, fearful of being blown off the ridge. Here, in the jungle, we felt embraced by the intense greenery.

Patagonia’s Western Snap is pretty and tough

Was it hot?

Was it cold?

I don’t remember. I do remember feeling this rare trifecta: exhilarated, happy, and safe.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what particular item of clothing serves you well and makes you feel good. Comment here and you’ll be automatically in the running for this week’s Cayuse Corona Community giveaway.

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  1. It’s my nano puff Patagonia. I’ve had versions of them for decades including my first over 15+ years ago. Patagonia has replaced the zipper on a few.

    Lightweight, easy to stuff in a pocket, wash up nicely and you can essentially live it in both indoors and out.

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