For your trail or Paleo diet, we got yummy

2At the Summer Outdoor Retailer, we met fine folks from The New Primal, a small South Carolina company. They make wicked good jerky. And I say that as someone who needs a strong and well-reasoned temptation to veer from my usual vegetarian ways.

The New Primal jerked my chain. Call me the New Convert.

Aside from its savory taste and superior ingredients (Nothing murky: no chemicals or preservatives. Grass-fed beef.), the growing company gives us a wonderful variety of easily-packable protein options. I totally fell for their Trail Pack containing a delicious blend of beef jerky, cashews, almonds, and dried mango. Yum.

We sent New Primal packs out to a few UtahOutsiders. Here’s what they had to say:

UO kayaker:

Trail Pack from New Primal

Trail Pack from New Primal

I’ve been eating beef jerky for as long as I can remember. As a kid, jerky was one of the most important staples on long road trips out west. I remember really starting to dig it as a young boy spending summers out on a Montana ranch where my mom worked.. It made me feel manly and rugged. No matter what it tasted like, I just wanted to look and feel like a grizzled cowboy.

However, I’ve developed a more graduated palate. And the sustainable mission of The New Primal along with delicious guilt-free taste is a perfect blend of goodness for the soul.

1UO backpacker:

I took the Free Range Turkey Jerky on a weekend camping trip. I had it by itself, with cheese and crackers, and even threw some in a rice and bean dish for dinner. What stands out is its flavor: subtle, sweet, mesquite. It is not overwhelming, nor does it taste like a bunch of chemicals or other imitation flavors. The real deal!

I’m not a jerky connoisseur, but it’s the best I’ve had.

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