A Baby Bird, A Rancher, and Me

Are you a birder? Then you probably know that many flycatchers belong to the confusing group of birds in the Empidonax Complex. These birds are all small, muted in color, and quiet. The many species look alike and are distinguished only by subtle differences in […]

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  • Apple to Bird to Tree to Cider: Fenceline Story

    Sam Perry, co-owner of Fenceline Cider, in Mancos, was a studio art major in college. So, it makes sense that he’d reference a color palette when describing the narrowness of cider flavors ‘round here. Despite the wealth of apple varieties, “we’ve been painting with brown,” […]

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  • Sturdy Slippers from Salomon

    Past protocol for introducing a new running shoe to my feet: Wear them at the store before purchasing. Wear them around the house for an hour (last chance to return them) Wear them for a miles-long walk Finally, wear them for a run Protocol for […]

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