Welcome UtahOutsider Readers!

For those of you wondering what will happen to UtahOutsider now that I’ve high-tailed it to Colorado: fear not.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.19.55 AM UtahOutsider lives on!

The site will remain live and active. The new ColoradoOutsider debuts today!

Suffice to say, I reserve the prerogative to maintain my outsider (non-native) status in both states. They’re still a long way from my native state of Maine and there’s still a lot to consider from an outsider’s perspective.

I will continue to get outside, report on others getting outside, and discuss new discoveries outside. I’ll make regular forays back into Utah and will also report from the Mile High state, mostly from the southwestern corner.

Thanks very much for your readership. You continue to be the best audience a gal could wish for.

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Check out this musical slideshow of the first month in southwestern Colorado.


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