Species Parade, Week Seven

Back in the day, bird identification came with a gun, not a pair of binoculars. Of course, the explorers and scientists didn’t have

Townsend Warbler

Townsend Warbler

a Peterson Guide on their desk. They quantified and qualified what would later make it into the Peterson Guide. Nearly two centuries ago, naturalist John K. Townsend was just out of graduate school and headed west on an expedition from Missouri. He found birds alright: “I think I never before saw so great a variety of birds. All were beautiful…and my game bag was teeming with its precious freight.”

Forty five species this week, highlighted by a Townsend Solitaire and Townsend Warbler.

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Black Tailed Jackrabbit

Cottontail Rabbit

Mule Deer


Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Rock Squirrel

Brush Mouse



California Gull

White American Pelican


Townsend’s Solitaire

Townsend’s Warbler

Yellow Warbler

House finch

Red Shafted Flicker

Tufted Titmouse

Black Capped Chickadee

IMG_0960Mountain Chickadee


Common Raven

Scrub Jay



Dark-Eyed Junco

Ringed Turtle Dove

Rock Dove

Western Kingbird

Mountain Bluebird


Rufous-sided Towhee

Broad Tailed Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Chipping sparrow

Song sparrow

Black Headed Grosbeak

American Kestrel

IMG_0980Turkey Vulture

Prairie Falcon

Red-Tailed Hawk



American Robin

Common Poor Will

Common Nighthawk

Alder Flycatcher (perhaps. See at right.)


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  1. You have pelicans in Utah?? Wow – who knew? I LOVE their prehistoric-dinosaur-ness. They must be pterodactyl’s first or second or thirtieth-once-removed cousins, don’t you think?

    • Who knew, indeed! I was surprised to see them in Iowa, too. They soar high, just south of the Great Salt Lake. And yes, kissing cousins with the pterodactyl, for sure.

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