For want of a Darn Tough sock

IMG_4761For want of a sock the foot was sore,

For want of a foot the hiker was sore,

For want of a hiker the walk was lost,

For want of a walk the day was lost,

So the day was lost – all for want of a sock.


Yep, it pays to keep the feet happy.

Cheap socks aren’t even worth their few dollars, in my mind.


Because who wants to hobble around for two days, recovering from blisters caused by them?

That’s why I’m okay with paying a bit more for good socks. You can climb and run and stretch and trot and they will still hold up.

We recently took several pairs of Darn Tough socks for test drives around rugged parts of Utah and Florida.

DSC02725Aidan Gaughran wore them on day-long hikes and climbs in Arches National Park. “Not once did I feel like my feet were sweating,” he said. “They were super comfortable.”

Emily Thomas Luciano wore them out and around the Blackwater River State Forest, in Florida’s panhandle. “I found these to be awesome, versatile socks made even better by the fun colors,” she said. “I wore them with my everyday, all-terrain boots on a hot, humid, 85-degree day. In other socks, my feet would be feeling a little soggy working outdoors in such weather. These socks were light enough to let my feet breathe while maintaining support. I also enjoyed that they kept their shape – I didn’t have to tug at the band to pull them up once!”

I wore them on hiking outings in the Oquirrh foothills. Darn Tough’s styles for women this spring are colorful, durable, but without the thickness of their great winter socks. Perfect for perfectly contented toes. They happen to be great for riding and riding boots, too. Check out this review.

Aside from being guaranteed great, we like ‘em because they’re made in Vermont.

Check out their zippy women’s styles

Check out their men’s lines.


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